Steaming is used to seal the ink into the fibre, after the fabric is printed and dried. The steamer is set to a specific timer and temperature according to the fabric type and inks used. It is a delicate operation because it affects colour resistance and intensity.


After steaming the fabrics must be washed to rinse off any exceeding ink that has not been absorbed by the fibres. This step also removes the auxiliary agents used in the printing formula.


A wide range of textile finishings are available, including specific properties, such as enhanced moisture management, windproof, waterproof, UV protection and anti-bacterial.

Quality control

All our fabrics are subject to a standard set of tests, such as colour fastness to light, water, washing and perspiration, pilling resistance and ph level, besides the dimensional stability and spirality. Other tests are also performed according to our customer’s Vendor Manuals.

Some tests are not performed internally but they are outsourced from international competent laboratories.